welcome to mai meat house

silly pict tures

i am maxi meat, owner of meat house

this iz my tumblr blog

hope u enjoy !

my name iz maxi
im in highschool
i enjoy surfing the web
having a jolly time
being full of whimsy
acting mysterious (i am not mysterious)
being a big faggg

i got bored one day (2/19/2024) and decided "hey i wanna make my own website!" so here we are :D !
this is my first ever time doing anything using HTML and whatnot and its been very confusing but a fun challenge! its been nice getting back into a hobby :]

i make art on occasion
not very often tho, but i am a big fan of doodling
i sing and dance
show choir my beloved
i consider my self to be quite funny
i think its bc i consume large amounts of thc on the daily